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About Us

Healthy, fresh, local!


We are a family business serving the local Hastings area. One day we suddenly realised that we were surrounded by lovely countryside that was producing lovely veggies and rather than just visit and look, we decided that we’d take part and make soup!

We source only the freshest, seasonal produce and transform it by hand into the most wonderful, flavoursome and nutritious soups you could imagine. With no added salt, enhancements or preservatives, our soups will tickle your taste buds, please your pocket and even provide one gluten free portion of your five a day! By using veggies from local farms, cooking in batches and delivering to a small area, Soup Dragon soups are healthy for the environment!

How cool is that?

So say no to that mystery meat burger, say never again to that lunchtime sandwich with the
dodgy looking lettuce and say yes to eating healthy, fresh and local!