Hastings Heroes Deliver! (see what we did there?)

The latest group of people to win the Hastings Heroes Award are…. All the Team members at the Frank Shaw Ward – Conquest Hospital, Hastings A huge, HUGE thank you to Rachel Ayres and all the folks there for taking care of mums, babies and the odd confused father. The Dragons Assistants swooped in – dropped the soups along with scrummy bread and scones
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Arrow Awards 2013

OH MY GOODNESS! The Dragon and his assistants have been nominated in the Best New Business section of the Arrow Awards 2013. The fact that someone likes us enough to nominate us is lovely – and  thank you to whoever did it! But it turns out we’re on the Short List and will be attending the event at The Azure on the 4th of
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Fathers Day – OK NOW you can panic!

We’ve realised that there was a mistook (!) on the Fathers day page which we’ve now corrected. It’s FIVE soups but it seemed like it was one – sorry!!! The updated page is here.

Fathers Day – Don’t Panic!

It’s not that long off now but don’t panic! If want to send love to your dad who’s far away, we can help.