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This Little Red Dragon is also Green!

The Soup Dragon Cares about the environment.

He has to, he lives in it!

We only buy our veggies from local farmers.

Those lovely folks pick out only the best of the best and when we mean pick we mean pick! The majority of veggies in our soups were still snuggled in the ground only two or three days before they were in your tummy!

Our packaging rocks! (Well, not rocks BUT it does mulch up)

We only use compostable packaging supplied by those very clever people people at Vegware. They use plant starch and associated materials so once you finish your soup, you can chuck the bowl, spoon, lid and napkin in your compost bin and in six weeks it’s broken down and ready to be used to make MORE scrummy veggies. If that’s not good enough, all our peelings and scraggy bits go to local allotments for THEIR compost!

We cook smart

We cook in batches which means that while you get to eat a nice size portion of soup, it was made in a nice BIG pot which reduces overall energy consumption. And we STILL have time to make them with love.

How cool is that?

So, there you have it, The Soup Dragon tries to have as small a Carbon Footprint as possible by using only local suppliers, compostable packaging and satisfyingly large soup pans!

But we’re keen to improve all the time, so if you think there’s something we’re not doing or something we ARE doing that could be done better – please let us know.

Email us at: thedragon@soupdragon1066.co.uk

We’d love to hear from you!