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We want to share our love of great veggies and wonderful soups to the world and we offer a range of services to nursery schools, youth groups, primary schools, cafes, drop in centres and the like. Take a look at what’s on offer and get in touch – if you can’t see something that applies to you, give us a call!




Educational Services
From September 2014 primary school students will be given lessons in basic cooking skills and how to make a balanced meal. Through the use of fun stories and examples, The Soup Dragon can help you and your school deliver practical lessons in how to combine ingredients to produce simple, delicious, healthy food. We can help you show children from eight and up how to enjoy cooking, enjoy what they are eating and how to stay safe in the kitchen.
Contact us now to discuss how we can help you encourage your students to eat healthy, fresh and local! Further information is available here.

Nursery Schools
Health experts around the UK are concerned that children are growing up without basic culinary skills or food knowledge, which they say has helped to fuel the rise in childhood obesity and dietary-related diabetes. How do you get the idea of healthy eating across to a two year old? The Soup Dragon can help you take this subject up off the page and deliver it in a fun and magical way that younger children will find memorable and exciting.
Talk to us about how we can develop a presentation tailored to your nursery that will leave little ones excited and parents happy!

Catering Services

Would you like to serve our soups? We offer exceptional service to cafes and other premises offering hot foods such as nursery schools, drop in centres and workplaces. We can deliver multiple servings of our wonderful, freshly made soups hot or frozen, with or without accompaniments. Call us now and we can discuss what you need and how we can help. Further information can be obtained here.

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